Trusoundnewyork creates award winning music, sound
and comprehensive audio solutions for brands, agencies, lifestyle
and retail environments. We are the film and television arm of
Vel Records, and our combined years of experience

in the music industry has led us to an inspired, forward-thinking approach to how music, sound, artists, bands and brands come together to create great marketing strategy.

Client: Viacom Velocity:

"The Fat Jewish Is Big Data Featuring Todrick as Hadoop"


B-to-B Advertising clients of Viacom Velocity



Promote the integrated marketing, branded content
and insights unit of Viacom’s ad sales operation
and communicate the ways in which Viacom Velocity employs data to solve clients’ problems.


Through close collaboration with Viacom Velocity, compose, produce and cast a comedic hip-hop anthem and video with social media stars entertaining enough to appeal to
a broader audience.



• Adweek's “Ad of the day” • Overall Reach: 1.92 million
• Successful positioning of Viacom Velocity’s creative capabilities and the ablility to deliver ‘Big Data” to clients

Client: Deutsch LA.

VW Beetle- “Get Happy” Superbowl Game Day Spot and “Sunny Side” Game Day Teaser


Drivers 18-45



Communicate through song that a car has the

transformative power to turn its passengers
into happy-go-lucky people.


Create an infectious re-imagining of the

Partridge Family’s “C’mon Get Happy” featuring the

legendary Jamaican Superstar Jimmy Cliff.



-AICP Winner 2013 for Best Musical Arrangement

-Viral Video across multiple web and terrestrial channels.

-Featured on The Today Show with Matt Lauer

-Featured performance of “C’mon Get Happy” by Jimmy

Cliff on The David Letterman Show.

Client: Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Pictures:

Movie Promo for The Spongebob Movie-“Sponge Out of Water"


All ages



Successfully promote The Spongebob Movie:

“Sponge Out of Water” through a collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Tom Kenney, declaring the gloomiest first Monday of 2015 “The Day of Positivity”


As a call to action to children and adults of all

ages, create an upbeat song and music video oozing with

positivity, featuring Tom Kenney, the voice of Spongebob

Squarepants. Encourage fan engagement on with free song and video downloads, selfie uploads to the Positive Smiles Gallery, Positivity Tweets, etc.



#1 Opening weekend box office gross.

$162,994,032 gross to date

Client: BBDO NY / Sticky Audio Labs:

Red Stripe Presents the Red Stripe Reggae Orchestra


Males 21- early 30’s



Re-brand the iconic Jamaican beer brand by celebrating life’s “Little Hoorays” and enhance Red Stripe’s digital engagement.


-Compose a collection of songs celebrating life’s

everyday victories around the “Hooray Beer” mantra.

-Cast and record “the most optimistic band on the planet”
- The Red Stripe Reggae Orchestra in Kingston, Jamaica.



-Winner 2013 Amp Music Award- Most effective use of

music in a campaign.

-Continuation of Red Stripe’s lead in digital engagement

of all Diageo brands

    Paul Conte and Camus Celli were part of RTG, Nile Rodgers' film
    and television music production company.

    It was one of the first companies created by record
    producers working in film and television.

    From there they transitioned to Elias Arts as "Artists in Residence"
    to create branded audio identity for Visa,
    Verizon, Panasonic and ESPN, In addition to creating memorable spots for Coke, Nike, GM, Folgers and Miller Beer.

    In 2007, Tru-sound was created as the Film/TV and
    Creative Marketing arm of VEL Records.

    306 Dean Street #4A

    Brooklyn, NY 11217


    (718) 858-3800

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